Why having a great CRM tool is still only a Job half done.

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You have recently implemented Salesforce.com to assist you with your CRM stuff, but somehow post- implementation chaos impacts the existing work and revenue generation gets a hit too.

Now you are thinking what have you done , Is implementing salesforce.com was a right choice at a wrong time, OMG how can you fix this chaos on hands ??  Can I have anyone on-demand ,  who would become your cheat, the anchor to ship in trouble, a guide to lost in woods. Somebody who can take care of all your problems at once??….

Well guess what, you have come to right place.. Interested to know how this can be possible?


Read on to know how experts from DiceITwise can make a difference to your business and its core tool.


DICEITWISE offers services related to post Implementation as we understand having a great tool is just a half job done. The other half is how you take the advantage by using and understanding the tool to its complete potential. Exploring the Salesforce.com to its complete potential is often a challenge and thus it’s imperative to have an Expert support to guide and reap you the complete benefits of technology available on hands.


DiceITWise understand that there are many post implementation challenges which can consume and hurt the business in many unforeseen ways and this could become very crucial if necessary actions were not taken on time.
We recommend and offer an expert support to troubleshoot and fix the issues on hand with Salesforce.com.  Our certified experts will be available to assist you with your all post implementation queries.


Tweaked reports, customized dashboards, weekly reports, trends analysis … are few of many things that you can expect to get from our support. This will help to maximize short, medium and long-term sales and profitability by responding proactively to customer needs. Accurate targeting, effective interaction, and clear needs assessment are critical in achieving this.

We can help you build a road-map which facilitates a customer centric focus, and enables you to deliver against your business goals.

Not just that it is also required that users are well versed with training part and knows how to optimize the CRM tool utilization  and adding value with in the organization.


9 out of 10 implementations fails to put into effect user adaption in the organization, can we really enforce user adaption? No, but we can take measurable steps to improve it day by day. User training itself is a huge world which doesn’t limits to the product or process knowledge. At DiceITwise we aim to brand salesforce.com among users.


We have certified consultants who beliefs in getting the basic translated correctly, our consultants can go to any limits to make users satisfied and comfortable.


You are welcome to visit our Salesforce Support section and get in touch with via Contact@diceItwise.com or Skype ID: DICEITWISE