what is IaaS PaaS SaaS in cloud computing

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Defining different cloud services IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS and more…

Lets just try to understand the fancy terms used in CLOUD platform ,to have a better understanding of how the entire deal has been packaged by various service providers.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

This revolves around the idea of lightening your hardware cost bringing and it down to bare minimum. Sharing is a key once again however bifurcation is such that no one can really tell the difference.  This comprise of Hardware Technology that goes into your IT support.

Making it simple to upgrade and build new machine, tasks which were usually taking ages to complete are now just click away.  It could be a server, firewall, switch, Load balancer or a complete Architecture of a company IT support. Everything can be custom build and on top it all quick and it cost less then you could have imagined.

Performance will be same as otherwise on hardware component, but key factor like cost and time is hard to ignore. The ability to pay as you go makes it even more attractive. Key player in this offering are :- NaviSite, Amazon , Vmware, Rackspace.. etc.

Data as a Service or (DaaS)

Having a large amount of data and managing it all at the same time could be a real pain and costly affair for many companies. This is one area which can easily give you nightmares, what is my server is crashed , what if data cannot be recovered, Data theft and security around it… You name it and it could possibly be there in your mind when it comes to DATA and its storage.

The DaaS aims around decreasing the cost/time and management for handling large data files. Again money and hardware required to achieve this has been shared in such a way that it becomes a fruitful option to go with, especially thinking at cost and security perspective.

On cloud Data is encrypted and backed up in such way that its redundancy and availability to consumer will always be available, just a click away on mouse from there machine.

Platform as a service (PaaS)        

Having hardware is good but it will always be incomplete without proper software which can meet the requirement of business and IT infrastructure need. Having this simplified  with the help of cloud and focusing in platform to support hardware such windows, Unix , Linux , Application server stack like .net framework, SQL server, VS.net etc..

Software as a service (SaaS)

Order an application required and start consuming it in minutes.  Like peoplesoft , ERP etc…  www.Salesforce.com is a known name for such services. where you don’t have to think about the hardware required to install an application, Installation cost, licensing cost, maintenance cost, availability maintenance expenditure and all that feature will be covered by host catering the services. All is required by your side is an internet connection and workstation 🙂


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