What is a Cloud explorer, its benefit and features

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CLOUD Explorer’s

Ever thought of having a drive which can store all of your critical data and is accessible in few clicks just like yours email’s. Well guess what…!!   Cloud  just made that happen for you. Now get over with the stress of carrying a USB drive every time you move out, making copies of your data to  from one USB drive to  hard drives and vice-a versa… also constantly have to worry about how to protect the critical data from getting corrupted at any point. Any such loss of data can easly lead to a great financial loss for its collector.

People are often attached to things like favorite songs, pictures, important doc’s, critical project reports and much more stuff.  And then suffering a hard drive crash and leads them to spend hundreds of $ dollar in getting their data  recovered. Often its not about the money but the discomfornt and feeling of uncertainity attached to entire process is more discomfortaing then anything else sorrunding that loss of information.

 Such prime example is leaving in a hurry and forget to carry your stuff, once reached at destination you have realized that USB which were carrying those documents or files are left behind at home and then all you want to do is kick yourself for letting something like this happen. To over come such jeopardy in future you might want to give a try to an online easy storage options available these days.

Now is the time to protect your data and save yourself from agony of losing it, actually you can have the privilege of leaving your things back home and move around freely.  With CLOUD companies offering you to get your own personal space at some minimal cost and then get the privilege to access it from anywhere, it impresive and worth given a shot.

Listed below are selected few Apps and service provider offering cloud storage space to beginners;

Products  Free Space Auto Sync File Size  Web Interface  Editing online folder sharing
Sugar Sync 5GB Yes Any Size Yes Yes Yes
Dropbox 2GB- 10.25GB Yes Any Size Yes NA Yes
Azure Storage Explorer NA Yes Any Size NA Yes Yes
Windows live skydrive 25GB Yes 25MB NA NA Yes
Google Docs 1GB or $5 25GB/Yr Yes 25MB Yes Yes Yes
Amazon Cloud Drive 5GB Yes Any Size YEs NA None

 You can also see other options available for instance check for comparison of Amazon vs Drop Box  or Clumsyleaf cloud explorer called CloudXplorer, this one has a pre requisite of having .net framework installed on your machine and only support windows version operating systems.

Last but not the least cloudberry S3 software, this is a freeware application which will help you connect to any number of amazon s3 accounts.

Hope this will help… Feel free to add more information.