what are the KPI’s for incident management as per ITIL

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Key performance Indicators for Incident Management


No of  Incident received  in a month / quarter

This includes numbers of incident captured by Service Desk or NOC, with the help of ticketing tool for the entire period.


No of repetitive incident received in a month/ quarter

How often you have received similar incidents for a particular device or data center.


Average Time taken to Isolate an incident

Also know by MTTI (Mean time to isolate) an incident, for the time its recorded to classification and specification to a particular team.


Average time taken to restore the incident

Time taken by an engineer to fix or restore an outage


Incident resolved within the SLA

Ticket moving to resolved status from workinprogress after being restored.


How many of these incident were first time resolution.

This will indicate the accuracy of correct resolution offered at very first go by engineers.