How to configure embedded websphere application server on Tivoli workload scheduler 8.4 ver

On 05 Apr 2012 by in Category Article

This should help you to configure embedded version of web sphere application server on Tivoli workload scheduler 8.4 version on Master DM.

1. Before you start installation for MDM. Always use  setup.bin command in O.S directory of the package which you will download from passport advantage site of IBM. Once you start ./setup.bin you will get a windows which will ask you to install Master DM or backDM or FTA.

2. As soon you choose Master DM continue installation your web sphere application server will automatically gets configured.

3.Once your installation is complete you can check the logs in tmp/tws84 directory and read the installation summary.

4. Another way you can check the directory wastools in opt/ibm/TWS or TWA directory in wastools you will find command start.ewas and stop.ewas. These commands are sued to start and stop application server.

5.Apart of this if you need to configure TDWC so you need to install application package from passport advantage site and you can do it.