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Technical Support powered by DiceITwiseHow often have you thought of having a world class technical assistance to fight of your nightmares of downtime..?

Now you can hire a technical expertise on-demand with the click of your mouse. Our experts will assist you by providing resolutions to your existing issues, thus saving you from incurring any finical and reputation loss in your business.


Our Support Model
  • Incident Support

This is a pay per incident support, where you get a technical assistance for a single issue for $50 only.

  • Project  Support

This service is designed to serve your long standing project needs, it allows you to hire a technical consultant with proven track record supporting your build process at much cheaper market price.  You can hire a Storage/ Server/ Networks/ DBA / DataCenter / Cloud VCE – experts as per your requirement.

This is one of best approach to complete any long standing project as you have the flexibility to pay our experts  on $$/ hourly basis.  We assure you this will bring down you cost by 10 times of its projected value.

The amount of $$/ hour support with our expert consultant may wary from one project to another depending upon the scope of project and amount of time required to complete.


** Our objective is to provide a world class technical support to Mid-Tier companies  at affordable prices. We believe technology is for every one and its important that with changing time you upgrade your technical support with world class experts backing your business at an unbelievable support price.**


Technical Expertise provided by DiceITwise are :-



We offer not to charge our customer for any incident support that has not been able to meet the resolution — >Try to beat our confidence, I bet you won’t regret.

Not Just that we also have project starting from as low as $20/hr by a hardcore technical consultant. Not just that our consultants will provide an end to end support during and after the execution of entire project.

We also take server maintenance contracts for 2-4 hours a week, to make sure your server always remain in healthy state.

Now you can also request a Call back or Write back by simply filling the inputs to the RFI Form.  Your information will be secured and not shared for any spamming , no unwanted calls will be done without conformations.


Dice Respects the privacy of its customers.



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