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DiceITwise is an on-demand platform for Salesforce needs, we don’t call our self consultancy rather we would like to position as extended resources on demand. We ask these questions to the one who implemented  Are you using your salesforce platform efSalesforce Support at DiceITwisefectively? Do you have unnecessary duplicate data? Are you really reporting on campaigns return on investment? Do you think you have un-wanted reports/Dashboards? Are you really exploring apps on apps exchange?

Some of above questions are well known to you and somewhere you might be thinking about solutions to these unanswered questions.

At DiceITwise our aim is to provide our customer guidance on using the platform effectively. On-demand business model makes the costs negligible yet powerful consulting option.

We focus on after implementation chaos in the organisation, be it user training issues, Data cleansing, data duplication, data uploading automation, reports and dashboard cleaning exercise, guidance on sophisticated apps on Apps Exchange etc.


Some of Our Core Strengths are listed below


Post-implementation Support

  •   Managed support
  •   Semi-Managed Support
  •   On-Demand Support

User Training

  •    Salesforce Cheat-Sheets preparation
  •    Salesforce hands on training
  •    Custom training
  •    Increase user adaption and trust

Data Migration

  •     Extraction of Data from Legacy System.
  •     Data Mappings
  •     Documentation
  •     Transformation of Legacy system data
  •     Loading on Data into




Post Implementation Support

From weekly portal health check-up to analysis to user behaviour monitoring we do all the work therefore you take a back seat and get status of everything through our weekly high level case reports. We have three types of models i.e. Managed support will give customer access to our dedicated technical consultant for 4.5 hours a day every day to support environment.  Semi-Managed Support will be 4.5 hours support every alternate day. On-demand support is remote for which a technical consultant can be hired for few hours or whole day.


User Training

9 out of 10 implementations fails to put into effect user adaption in the organization, can we really enforce user adaption? No, but we can take measurable steps to improve it day by day. User training itself is a huge world which doesn’t limits to the product or process knowledge. At DiceITwise we aim to brand among users.

We have certified consultants who beliefs in getting the basic translated correctly, our consultants can go to any limits to make users satisfied and comfortable.


Data Migration

Our expertise in data handling from various legacy systems helped our customers to bring data seamlessly on We plan ahead and deliver on time to meet customer expectations. Documentation helps our customers to get away from us and be self depended on any future turmoil.


Integration Services

We also undertake various other works like web-to-lead, Mobile integration, backend access options, Apex Code development, Visual force pages, chatter integration, Profile Analysis, bulk User loading etc.


Our Consultants are also Salesforce Certified with years of support experience under their belt.





Please feel free to get in touch to esquire more on how can you have our consultant solving your post implementation challenges.

You can always write to us or simply fill our RFI form to have our project managers reach you.


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