OnDemand Services

Dice introduces the concept of bringing some of the widely popular services under the umbrella of its OnDemand service. These services are focused to bring down your IT infra cost by huge numbers, with the prime objective to cut down on your deployment, maintenance and running cost otherwise involved.

These are easy to pick and deploy services with almost negligible time to be spent on installation and deployment. Simple identification of requirement would allow our partners to offer and deploy these services at fast pace.

Designed for better cost and time utilization by the means of cutting edge technology, these services will bring down the infrastructure cost for your company. Primarily focused on Cloud Technology, it is our easy to manage, modify and deploy functionality which sets these services apart from the other.

Our partners are pioneer in successfully deploying and running these services for thousands of their subscribers all over the world. Rest assured Dice alliance makes it a double secured and double beneficial for you.


Here is List Of Service Offered, Click to Learn More

Salesforce Consulting

Cloud Telephony

Storage Solutions

E-mail Solutions

Reporting Solutions


You can read more about the advantages of DiceITwise OnDemand services by clicking here >>


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