Service Desk Tools – comparison and recommendation

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An emerging trend of streamlining the service desk and that too in a cost effective manner has become a need of an hour. Not that it helps building a better IT infra support services to internal clients, but also help in tracking the issues and incidents which reduce the no of outages at the end of year report card. Thus increasing the productivity and being one of the means of revenue generation?

Honestly revenue generation is the most loving idea and if that comes with the advantage of easy to track IT system in place. Making it a most sought after change for emerging, small and mid range organizations. A clear and robust system can help in better SLA management, Asset Management, Resource management and Change/Incident and Problem Management.


Some of the Tools available for Service Desks are

Remedy    A BMC product one of most sought after tool in the IT industry as it claims to be 99.9% in compliance with ITIL standards and procedure. These days also available via Cloud effective SaaS platform as Remedy+Force, they tied up with to increase its market reach and consumer share this has become possible as services are being offered via cloud computing concept.


USD (Unicenter Service Desk)   This is a product of CA technologies, which is also ITIL compliant and has been a popular choice of fortune 500 companies. It gives time stamping, Incident, Change and problem ticket creation.  Also available on Cloud platform these days, functionality for this tool is easy to use and user friendly.


Manage Engine  Manage Engine has come up with tool called “Manage Engine Service desk plus” a tool based on cloud environment available on per user, per year structure, costing 60-70% less than remedy. Easy to get inventory list for devices and setting up service desk process has been quite easy as comparison to its competitors, good for SMB sector , can be used at enterprise level as well.  One of the common IT SD tool with complete web interface gives end user ticket to raise at their ease, Admin can easily modify the users permission and access, email integrated like most of the other tools available online. You can also view the further information regarding the tool at


Open Technology Real Service (OTRS)

With More than 1 Million downloads and installation OTRS is another favorite underdog available in the steadily and rapidly grabbing its share in service desk tool market.  Integrated with ITIL V3 concepts its surly targeting the eye’s of SMB customers providing quality at lower price rates.

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