Riverbed Steel head, Wan optimization

On 10 Mar 2012 by in Category Article

Riverbed Solution’s offering a path breaking technology devices and technique to make sure data transfer and optimization is increased by 50 times of it present value.  At least that’s what they are saying on their front page at www.riverbed.com , offering solutions like WAN optimization, cloud, network performance, virtualization, application and branch office consolidation etc…

Now big question is how do they manage to improve the data flow and band width utilization. Such that it improves the performance 50 times to its present value.   Riverbed Steelhead Appliances and Steelhead mobile software simultancely work together to resolve bandwidth issue TCP problem and program chattiness. By using inbuilt algorithms steelhead appliance and devices decreases the wan traffic from 60% to 95% of its existing value. Riverbed appliance connecting at both sending and receiving end sense if any of the TCP outgoing data has been sent earlier, if yes than it only sends the new information attached to data, decreasing the data de duplicity on the network. This will increase the band width utilization; however chatty protocols causing high latency can make applications really slow. Most of the applications work on transport level and application level protocol, steelhead algorithms and devices identify the repeating data over the network and cut down on data round trips over the WAN for repeated information.  This certainly eases out the situation and boost the performance by more than 70% of its existing value.

Riverbed mobile application is effective for users working on remote location or from home office.  Installed on their laptop this riverbed software increase the performance and help users reaching the application via WAN at faster pace, decreasing the latency and increasing the response time. Making customers feel like present on virtual private network (VPN) while they try to gather information sitting at a remote location.

Riverbed products and algorithms are path breaking in decreasing the traffic from WAN, via compression, degradation, and data duplicity.