Reviews for Google Cloud Apps “Google Apps”

On 30 Mar 2012 by in Category Article

Google has been using and pushing the limits of cloud technology from over a decade; there state of an art Google Apps cloud computing solution has been literally a rage among cloud users. Google self evolving and market strategy help them keep the momentum at pace with changing trend and upcoming market requirement.  A prime example of that was in 2009 alone Google made over a 100 improvements and customer apps were not all effected as they were not required to update any patches. This makes it even a stress free call for customers.

Google is using a web- browser based applications which supports their concept of innovation. All the new features are easily passed on to their customers, since they don’t require any traditional software at their end to access their Apps.   However in traditional technology software and tools are required to be updated on regular basis in order to access their new and advanced features. Often these changes come as an expense to customer, who at times are not so willing to proceed with it , get stuck with an older version and later on comes across with services issue.

Some of the Google Apps features are:-

All you need is a Browser at your end to start using their cloud services ( Google Apps)

Improvement to their Apps services is a continuous trend.

Changes are less disruptive since no action or application at end user is ever got effected.

With Web browser approach your employee can be productive from anywhere without using  any VPN to connect.

Your data is stored and protected real time, no hassle of running out of space, since it’s stored on cloud and can be access from anywhere.

Real time replication, once changes are made other authorized users can view them instantly.

No to attachments and frustration of sending and sharing large files from one person to another. Since data is stored globally on cloud will be accessed globally

Security of your data is top priority at Google having top end security device and well hardened data center to protect customer privacy.

Also SSAE 16 type II audit to verify the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer data

No security threats have been reported till date.

High redundancy of services to provide an uptime of 99.9% is a prime USP.

Google API enables client allow customers to build customer functionality as per their requirements

At any point of time they decide to discontinue the services, they retain the right to have their data back fully secured and  non compromised.