On cloud platform Big Data, bpaas, SaaS are likely to get more attention

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On cloud platform Big Data, bpaas, SaaS are likely to get more attention from Enterprise customers.

Trends have been changing as more of enterprises are beginning to look into the cloud options as an alternative to their on- premise service models and applications, this is largely because of deployment speed, economics and customization that cloud based technology offers. 

Though industry expert such as Gartner stated “enterprises are far from abandoning their on- premise models and applications entirely for the cloud.”

This approach is expected as industry is maturing towards Cloud and focus is specific strategy using cloud based technology to enhance their performance and productivity.  Those Enterprises targeting the cloud as part of their cost reduction is possible to miss out on using the cloud to its full potential.

Cloud washing is something which has become a cause of a concern , reason it fails to meet the objective behind the cloud and causing confusion and inflated expectation among enterprise buyers.

Cloud Washing :Is when vendors are smartly repackaging their old products and selling it over the internet naming as cloud, this deceptive attempt to grab the customer attention by giving them a sense of cloud services, where as not exactly anything related to cloud is been delivered to users.  

Example: software as a service is not really about deploying software from a common code base to an audience of multiple users, but giving the ability to multiple users having base access on software to be able to access it anywhere on web. Once again, an ISV may be selling individual instances of a piece of software, with the only differentiators being that it is deployed to customer end via web.

On the other side cloud vendors with expertise in delivering the projects on time and under budgets are started to overtake those offering cloud washing.

On Cloud Big Data will deliver transformational benefits to enterprises within 2 to 5 years, and by 2015 will enable enterprises adopting this technology to outperform competitors by 20% in every available financial metric.  

Gartner defines Big Data as including large volumes processed in streams, in addition to batch.  Integral to Big Data is an extensible services framework that can deploy processing to the data or bring data to the process workflow itself. Gartner also includes more than one asset type of data in their definition, including structured and unstructured content. – Curtsy Gatner.com


The Cloud BPM (bpmPaaS) market is expected to grow 25% per year, and 40% of companies doing BPM are already using BPM in the cloud.

Like Bpaas Software as a service is also growing rapidly as SaaS is rapidly gaining adoption in enterprises, leading Gartner to forecast more than 50% of enterprises will have some form of SaaS-based application strategy by 2015.

Factors driving this adoption are the high priority enterprises are putting on customer relationships, gaining greater insights through analytic, overcoming IT- and capital budget-based limitations, and aligning IT more efficiently to strategic goals.


On less attractive side of cloud , Cloud Email is expected to have a 10% adoption rate in enterprises by 2014, down from the 20% Gartner had forecasted in previous Hype Cycles 

This represents modest growth as the adoption rate of this category had been between 5 and 6% in 2011.- Curtsy Gartner.com


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