Now write to win exciting prizes every week, Pen drives, Movie tickets, Gift vouchers..

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Life style gift vouchers, free movie tickets, pen drives etc  are up for grab

DiceITWise brings to you an exciting opportunity to showcase your technical skills, your diversified thought and analytical ability and bring them under the light. You are welcome  to do new, create new, share new and learn new by every passing minute.

Let the managers, recruiters, readers and leaders across the globe appreciates you and blogs. Write stuff which interests you the most, from technical to ethical to revolutionary to mind boggling discovery. Anything and everything is allowed to be written and discussed is now allowed to be posted on


DiceITwise will reward you …!!



Yes..!! we believe good talent should always be rewarded for its contribution towards society and going forward in this step , We have decided to reward contributors by giving away gifts such as 1000- 500 vouchers from lifestyle, pen drives, movie tickets etc..


Let the horses of your imagination and creativity run wild and conquer the world.



How do we decide who’s going to walk away with prizes?  Listed below are some key points which will be looked at before a winner is announced.

-Number of likes and shares your article getting on the FB, twitter or linkedIn. In short it needs to be viral to at least 100  likes to qualify for prize contender.

-Your article getting first 200 visits will also makes you qualify to prize contender ship.

-You article having a unique detail which is otherwise hard to find , technically strong aspects, to help other tech users on our website will also help you to qualify.

-Once all these are looked into, then our experts will see how often you have been posted such articles / blog entries to our website.

-Your old association will surly help in gaining the mileage 🙂

-Early Birds posting and sharing these articles will automatically qualify for some special surprise prizes.

So gear up and get going …!!