NASA using cloud computing for its space missions

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NASA on Cloud computing; Cost saving, high scalability, pure performance and meeting the deadlines has been the key attributes of Cloud computing, thus making it a popular alternative to highly expensive time consuming infrastructure setups. Organizations such as NASA has also stepped into the cloud and reaching out to the space, with an advantage of auto-scalability and instant startup it does provide great ease to the any running and upcoming projects.

Recently NASA project on Mars exploration is powered by AWS( Amazon ) IT support. AWS is to store the captured images and meta data collected from Mars Exploration Rover (curiosity) and Mars Science Laboratory Mission.   NASA Jet propulsion Lab ( JPL )  is using the services from Amazon to support their mission from earth. 

With large amount of data to be processed every hour it was highly required of an environment which can flex according to the situation, thus providing freedom to focus.


JPL Manager for Data service, Khawaja Shams reported giving the comment “At this point, JPL’s data centers are filled to capacity, so we’re looking for ways to cost effectively expand the computational horsepower that we have at our disposal,” he said. “Cloud computing is giving us that opportunity.” –


This Amazon NASA venture is with unrelenting goals to get the data out to the public, NASA/JPL prepared to service hundreds of gigabits/second of traffic for hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers,” Amazon said


This is not the first time NASA has actually collaborated for Cloud computing, earlier they were partner with Microsoft, Google and Lockheed, evaluating each option as per project requirement. This time NASA tied up with Amazon, for its web services sector. Which has been amazon’s core strength and they are having it delivered over cloud platform from 2006, this gives them an advantage over others.


Not to forget low cost with (Pay as you Go) and no upfront expenditure is exciting enough to explore with their services.


However NASA is also got criticized for taking such a revolutionized step by leaving the in house infra support structure behind and picking up cloud platform.Looking at the security of data and information, many experts think of cloud non-secured platform, having information\data out there in the open to be hacked. In reality cloud is equally secured as any other hardware equipped platform for storing and processing the data.


You can learn more on cloud security via cloud security ; However having all said and done it is turning out to be NASA stepping into space with CLOUD under its support.


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