Microsoft and Google fighting to capture $15-18bn Cloud market

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It has been predicted that by 2020 cloud market is estimated to grow to$15-18 billion and companies like Microsoft and Google are leaving no stone unturned to make sure they will have bulk of that share into their pocket.

Both Microsoft with “Windows Azure and office 365” and Google “Google Apps” are having high expectation with market and targeting to capture the maximum of it as early as possible. Both are selling office application solutions, giving assurance to decrease the capital investment for office products. While Google used to be predominantly known for its search, advertising and its popular e-mail Gmail, Microsoft specialised in operating systems and office productivity applications. But things have changed now.

“Google is the largest cloud services company in India,” claimed Rajan Anandan, Google’s India head since January 2011. “We have 2,00,000 businesses that use Google cloud solutions. We have orders of magnitude bigger than Microsoft,” added Anandan, who used to head Microsoft in India before he took up the Google job.

Google having the following roped into their cloud service model:

Indian Youth Congress, IndiaMart, Indiainfoline, Flipkart and Sterlite Technologies, Microsoft boasts of logos such as Essar, Sporting Mindz, Idhasoft, and Gradatim.

On the other hand Microsoft releasing the statement “We’re competing with lots of folks in the cloud space,” said Sanket Akerkar, MD, Microsoft India, who said the Seattle-based firm’s approach to enterprise solutions was different from that of Google.

“They (Google) are largely an advertising company, which is consumer oriented. They have taken their consumer assets and are trying to figure out how they can get into the enterprise business,” said Akerkar.

“It sort of doesn’t work. We have taken our enterprise class and put those on cloud; we think that’s a better approach.”  They have following clients under their service model; Essar, Sporting Mindz, Idhasoft, and Gradatim.

According to sources Google have launched an exclusive campaigns to woos the companies and on such was event was when an exclusive event in Rajasthan, company executives briefed nearly 50 chief information offices, including Amrita Gangotra of Bharti Airtel and Anil Jaggia of HDFC bank, on Google’s cloud offerings for enterprises.

Much like most emerging technologies, Indian enterprises are gingerly experimenting with cloud computing, but analysts expect accelerated pace of adoption in the coming years as the new model offers lower costs and solves the challenge of software and hardware obsolescence.

SBI uses Google’s cloud-based search services to scour through its massive repository of account and customer data. That may be, but Microsoft does not think Google has what it takes to win the enterprise clients. Analysts are not ready to call the game just yet but agree that the competition is definitely getting fierce.


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