Microsoft and Google computerized future Glasses, enhanced view or controlled slavery?

On 30 Nov 2012 by in Category Gadgets

This might sound like a scene from Steven Spielberg sci-fi, a guy is wearing cool glasses, walks into the base ball match gets the detailed information about the entire match like score card, pitcher name, hitter name , runner distance, ball thrown speed and rest of it on the mirror of the glasses he is wearing.


To your surprise you are likely to see this as a reality and not fiction anymore.  Both Microsoft and Google are working on designing such glasses, still in its prototype stage but progressing aggressively.


Microsoft submitting this design to get a patent in May 2012, this is being compared with Google Glass.

The base line technical requirement could be similar but both are different in many ways.


Google computerized glasses known as “ Google Glass” is having a tiny screen attached to the glasses top left or right side and you have to look up to catch the view.

Where as Microsoft glasses is converging the reality with associated information “augmented reality”.

For Google glass you can actually wear them and walk and do whatever you wish like since they don’t have to impose the images with information unlike Microsoft.


Microsoft glasses are designed to work best at stationary position like watching a tennis match, at a concert, at public conference etc…

This is not clear that how the information will be flown to these glasses, ie via Cloud, 4G, or a pre recorded inputs ?


It’s good that you gets the information as you look through these glasses, but how is the information being fetched and made available to you, is under uncertainty for now.


How much accurate that information is going to be?

Trusting on what you see is what your brain does for you, and now with this gadget you are filling your brain with other inputs while you see.


Doesn’t this look like a spoon feeding where you end up making your brain less interactive every passing moment?

Your decision and view point towards the objects viewed will be at the mercy of the information supplied via these augmented glasses.  It can manipulate the human behavior and thought process.


Some might argue that this may very well be end of smart phones era, by thinking the computers are becoming incredibly small and coming closer to human body, from room to tables, to laptop, to palm top and now jumping to eyes and finally chipped in brain and controlling the human thoughts and behavior.


Well then it might not be wrong to say matrix will become the reality one day, having said that there is and should be thin line between master and slave and hoping that masters won’t get salved to technology.

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