Is it really an apple cloud burst or icloud account hacked

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Before I go ahead and make any comment on Apple cloud burst or an icloud account hacked,we need to stress on few things first.

We need to understand that irrespective of where data is stored, it’s about How data is programmed to be stored, connected and accessed by its users.

Apple did try to fancy the technology by bringing everything under single umbrella and named it icloud. Making sense technically as it is less expansive and easy to use and also user can hardly make a difference. They are able to access data along with good speed, this access is perfectly maintained and shared across the globe.


What apple needs to work on is their apps inter-connectivity algorithm to make sure such instance cannot simply ruin user’s life.

In Mat’s case his Gmail account linked up to his Apple Account, considering even a non tech person won’t commit such mistake, they use different accounts to secure their backup information. Though linking all of the accounts were good as it makes it easy to access them all on a single device, but surly Mat now knows this has its own repercussions.



Now Let’s try to look into this famous phrase Apple cloud burst.. ??  REALLY IS THAT SO ….!!


If that would have happened, icloud would have been completely not accessible to anyone. Hackers would have information worth $ billion and this generation using iphone would have been digitally high jacked.

This may surprise you that every one of us has been using cloud from a very long time. This is not a false claim but indeed a reality, gmail , yahoo, hotmail..etc fact of the matter is your emails always has been a prime example of cloud technology, accessing data from web, retrieving the information using secured password.

However this is now further broken down to user level and entire thing has been repackaged to deliver the market requirement.

From the security point of view cloud always said to be less secured however this is not true, especially when cisco coming up with cloud support hardware to make is more walled and protected.

Many of cloud service providers are using 3 line secure technique masking IP address, using software firewalls and to top it all using

It’s like pack of servers stacked virtually on physical device, which again had some firewall rule and setting to make sure no loop holes are left open to bring down the entire machine. In Public Cloud you machine is more like a needle in a hay stack which will be almost difficult to locate.

Apple technology is pretty secured as none of other user data was lost or stolen just because one account was hacked. We need to give some credits to these guys for building an icloud to make life a little easier for those who know’s how to use this technology.

As per hacking an account.. You need to be self aware and smart to keep the critical information backed up and secured. Use encryption technique to password protects your online data if you really want.


Now another big question why Mat’s Account..?

Is there a motive behind hacking his account so that a ripple effect can be generated and a negative publicity can be made for Apple. Who is already facing a lot of heat after the pics of iphone5 has leaked to the web.

Again not sure how authentic those pics really are but if you google Iphone5 , you come across some heated arguments on if this what they are planning to produce they are screwed for sure. …and so on…!!

It all seems not going too well for apple when people are merely riding on news and not getting into the depth.



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