Infosys to redefining the customer service with SpeedSolve

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Infosys has taken a leap into the Call center market by providing innovative solution in improving customer experience. Jointly developed solution with AT&T that will assist to make an efficient and fast communications for call centers and related Industries.

Launched by the name of SpeedSolve it targets to provide faster communication and flow of information between various channels, during the course of service being offered to customers. Aiming to improve on customer experience it facilitates real- time collaboration between the customer service rep and Subject matter experts.

This results the less call transfers, faster queries resolution, better customer experience and increased cost savings.

SpeedSolve is said to increase the agent productivity by smartly analyzing the key words from customer conversation and then accurately presenting the data.  Its Real-Time Expertise Manager Infosys proprietary software powers the SpeedSolve to intelligently routes and schedules conversations.

 AT&T is using Speed Solve from 2010 and is all praise for this Innovative Tool, SpeedSolve streamlined and improved the AT&T user experience by empowering the operations to deliver the service in real time environment.

SpeedSolve has played a pivotal role in improving the operational efficiency of our call centers in supporting customers as well as our field force,” said Nathan Edwards, assistant vice president of network operations planning and support at AT&T.

“SpeedSolve combines the proven technology leadership of Infosys with AT&T’s deep understanding of telecommunications to deliver a new paradigm in real-time customer service operations across industries,” said Gopal Devanahalli, vice president of products, platforms and solutions at Infosys. “This jointly developed solution with AT&T is another example of unique and innovative ways that Infosys helps companies transform as they build tomorrow’s enterprises.”

 “Today’s tech-savvy consumers expect fast, superior service where and when they want it, and SpeedSolve helps companies meet these increasingly demanding customer needs,” said Derek Walker, executive director of intellectual property technology licensing at AT&T.

“SpeedSolve leverages communication channels to improve collaboration for a better user experience, and features smarter and streamlined customer relationship management strategies to achieve more cost-effective and efficient procedures.”

SpeedSolve monitors agent performance and productivity to improve processes, and also includes features for quality measurement, agent coaching, video-sharing and collaboration. The product is platform-agnostic, with applications available for smartphones and tablets.


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