IBM to target mid market for its cloud plan

On 27 Sep 2012 by in Category Article

The wall street Journal reporting on Tuesday, about International Business machines Corp ( IBM ) entering into the Mid segment market , by ramping up its effort to sell them Cloud computing service.

This move from IBM is taken as a bellwether for IT industry because of its global reach span and breadth of business support established over the years. Being well established as industry leaders for offering enterprise solutions, IBM is now aggressively competes with the likes of Inc  and Amazon Inc, which have been extremely successful in capturing the mid market wrt to cloud and other services.

Companies with employee strength less than 1000 considered as a mid –size market, and IBM is taking interest in selling cloud service to all such potential customers, having broader span.

According to company Journal Manager “Andy Monshaw” in charge of small and medium-sized businesses told the Journal that the cheaper cost of cloud computing will let the company reach a bigger base of smaller customers.

Cloud computing is multi tenant hosting environment, service like computing, storage, network and applications are offered to customers as per their requirement, with feature like auto scalability, cloud offers a great flexibility over the network.

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