How Social Media like LinkedIn can help you build career opportunities

On 07 Jan 2013 by in Category Article

Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn is having a tremendous impact on the life individuals. The personality that you portray online not only decides your friends but also the Organization and upcoming organization that you will be working with.

Fact is these days recruiters are focusing on LinkedIn,Facebook and twitter finding them as a great source to interact with the pool of talented professionals. Not just they get a chance to interact and connect to you on an individual level, but they are also able to extract the best of your abilities. They interact, follow and read on your interest as it gives them an opportunity to look into skill set in a better way.


One of the senior recruiter has commented “Social media tools are extremely effective in publicizing a corporate /employment brand and getting qualified.”Not just the companies but job seekers have also taken this interactive path to get introduce and build an image online. Those who have understood the need of an hour is already having their activities updated and posted online in regular intervals.


You can visit this LinkedIn post to get you an insight view on how recruiting agencies around the world have taken this unconventional, but effective way of short listing a resource and when the position appears they reach to them directly.

LinkedIn too understood the need for an improvement, resulting modified appearance to make sure it would benefit both seeker and recruiter.  Section like Endorsement for Skills is one great example “this helps in verifying your Past organization details”, but also verifies your behavior and expertise skill set with current and previous employers.


With recruiters spending hours daily on LinkedIn / Facebook to promote and find new related connections, they try to build their pool from which they can pull during the need of an hour.


Advice from DICEITWISE:

-Dice recommends its readers to be interactive in their approach share what they like and promote what they feel is correct for an image buildup.

-Joining groups will help, specially related to your skill set and area of interest.

-If you know something of common interest Go ahead share it to group, blog about it, knowledge sharing once promoted by other will only invite more credits to your profile giving you edge over competition.

-Ask for recommendation for your work from your present and past employees

-Share what other have written, this will only help you to promote yourself in future.

-You can actively comment on groups and forums, can start a discussion with valid interest.

-Post an updated Picture on your profile having an updated profile helps in better understanding.