How does cloud computing work and technology behind it

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The mystery behind cloud, what is cloud and how does it work, what did they do in the backend that makes everything so scalable and reachable.  Isn’t that question keep on rising and to find the answer we all start Googles it out…

Well let’s try to solve this little secret which was merely a surprise right from the beginning. Just look in to the word cloud computing, by now we all know cloud = Internet , something which is ever expanding, connects virtually , yes follow the basic set of protocols, does sharing and distributing of information etc..

Computing on the other hand consist of challenges that comes across while mapping the resources so that it can work in your advantage and are available over the internet. This is now the most common medium to connect, unless you are a Govt agency, wanted to run your own private network of cables and wireless for the sake of national security. Having said so it brings us back to sharing of resources in cloud computing.

One such technique that’s used in cloud computing is called Virtualization.

In virtualization, cloud back end layer which holds the key access to physical resources are bind with hyper-visor layer and the technique of virtualization is performed at that time, virtualization breaks the one physical resource into the multiple virtual resources and controls the access limit and utilization to single physical resource.

These multiple virtual resources are then allowed to be shared across different consumers. This brings the optimum resource utilization.



On the other hand if demand increases by the consumer where he requires more the potential of existing physical resource and does not really have the time to do the remodeling of resource sharing, cloud comes with benefits of scalability, now to use this effectively engineers uses the concept of sharing called CLUSTERING, this is grouping or binding the two or more physical resources in such a way that pool of availability never dries out.

On top it makes it look like a single virtual entity to design to satisfy the operational requirement.

Both Virtualization and clustering plays an important part in structuring cloud environment, be it a private, public, or Hybrid. It is only after once the hyper-visor layer is passed the client OS can be installed.


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