How does apple icloud, itunes and itunes match work

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How does apple icloud work…


Apple icloud is manage to store, share and sync users data such their apps, picture, songs and calender meetings etc .. effortlessly through icloud to across apple devices listed on icloud for single user.

The sync is so easy that it’s almost effortless for a users, all you need to do is register on apple to get your apple id.

Idea is to make life easy for users, while they save spending more time on copying data from one device to another. Also saves user from the hassle of duplicating the data which eats the precious storage space.

With device like iphone auto synchronizing your data at the back end via 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi connection available, and whenever your phone gets the connectivity it backs the entire data from your cell, so that in future if something happens to your cell like, it gets stolen or damaged then you don’t have to copy any data or worry about loss of phone contacts.

Simply register your new phone with existing apple ID and zoot your data will be back and your new phone will be having everything. Which were there in your old phone without any trouble.

Not just that with IOS 5 for iphone and LionX version of Mac pc you would get icloud per configured to user icloud out of box.  With icloud you get free 5GB of data storage space on cloud and incase you feel like running out of the space you can purchase more space online and it will be added instantly.


Understanding Apple itunes and itunes match …


 iTunes on cloud which means you can simply purchase a new song on iTunes market ,which is available on apple library and it will be auto sync to all of your apple devices.

iTune stores your purchase history so you can view what all you have purchased irrespective of device you have purchased if from.

Taking this a step further, where user say he/she already having a collection of songs which they would want to be on apple cloud, they can get it done through iTunes Match here you pay around $25 / year  fee to register on cloud and all the songs on your device will be auto loaded to cloud , best part is that you get them on high clarity Per Apple Website they quote this as

“iTunes determines which songs in your collection are available in the iTunes Store. Any music with a match is automatically added to iCloud. Since there are more than 20 million songs in the iTunes Store, most of your music is probably already in iCloud. All you have to upload is what iTunes can’t match. Which is much faster than starting from scratch. Once your music is in iCloud, you can stream and store it on any of your devices. Even better, all the music iTunes matches plays back from iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC DRM-free quality — even if your original copy was of lower quality”


Not sure how much sense this would make to an end user paying $25 per year for something , which they already had it on their phones, obviously it was copied from their desktop using itunes at first place, most of folks carry their songs on iphones or ipod which they must have already synced to their PC at first place. 

itunes on cloud on the other hand would require 3g connection or wi-fi connectivity for you to listen to songs, cause they are on cloud, hence you end up paying additional cost to your Cell phone services for purchasing 3G plan and running high on data usage is just a possibility which is right around the corner.

So in the countries like India, Middle east, this might not be a great hit. However looking at the wider perspective, apple is definitely looking to be a market leader for introducing cloud music.


* Images and details are courtesy Apple Inc.