How Cloud works

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Often we come to a point, how is it going to work for me? What are they doing at backend making it so cost effective?

An idea which drives cloud is Virtualization and Clustering of resources.

In virtualization single resource is shared to many users making it look like everyone is having their own dedicated space. Where as in clustering all the different services or infrastructure required for a particular environment is bundled in such a way that it made it look like a single resource to user.

Virtualization is one resource distributed to many Users:

Customer is at front end having an illusion of single dedicated space. However in the back end there is single hardware resource, which could mostly be a blade server or grid server having virtualization software installed, this will make logical partitions and distribution of resources as per requirement.

Clustering is many resource and services to user as a bundled environment:

In this technique we have multiple hardware resources running at the background , where a clustering software make them look like a single resource and that will be shared in frontend to end users. This help in increasing the redundancy and better resource utilization