Google India to be investigated by competition panel CCI

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Google India will be investigated by competition panel CCI, on its search policy and keyword selling. Indian government agency CCI (competition commission of India) will now be investigating into google practice modifying the search result, such that it benefit its customer.

By giving modified search results, these results are claimed to be biased to promote one customer over its competitor in the market.


Google is accused of abusing its position as market search leader for Indian web space. Google has said to have over 95% share in internet search, complaints have been raised and now CCI is to see if the firm is violating India’s Competition Act, 2002.


This investigation has been triggered by advocacy group Consumers Unity and Trust Society (CUTS), which claimed that Google was abusing its monopoly position. A Google India spokeswoman said that it would fully cooperate with CCI in the investigation and that it believes its practices are fully compliant with the Indian laws.
“Though competition is always a click away, we understand that with success comes scrutiny . We’re always happy to answer questions about our business and are extending our full co-operation to CCI. We are confident that our products are compliant with competition law in India ,” Google said in an emailed statement” – Google emailed Statement to Economic Times.


CUTS have made thorough study and on Google search result pattern  and came across firm is abusing its presence as a market leader in online search.  For instance “For instance, if you search for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Google, the first five results are on his Google Plus pages. His Facebook page was the 8th result.”

Google is under investigation by United State’s Federal Trade Commission to see if the search market leader has abused its monopolistic position in that country.

In February, matrimonial site Bharatmatrimony .com had filed a complaint against Google accusing the online giant of abusing its dominance in the search-engine market by engaging in unlawful practices relating to its AdWords platform.

Google was selling keywords relating to its websites to rival sites such as, and, the matrimonial site claimed in its complaint. AdWords is Google’s online advertising channel that sells keywords to advertisers and creates online ads on its search screen – Economictimes