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Google free website for small business in India Myth or Reality


Google is stepping into Indian market through smart campaigns and one such key initiative is known by the tag line “India Get your Website Online” as the program is named, is designed with local partners, and provides Indian businesses tools and resources to establish a website, find new customers, and grow their businesses.  Source Economic Times

Really I wish to see someone so kind, that he would actually be thinking of doing charity. Wait a minute, why would a well established IT Search Giant will be doing this charity and that too for an Indian consumers.



This smells foul or Am I being too irrational? lets try to dig little more into this , shall We…

Now lets see, what do I need to get a website, this really sound exciting, as must of us always wanted a website for  business and now global giant is offering its services. How can I take a benefit from that ..?

Google Says:   Indian SMEs can logon to  to get registered in the initiative and get their free domain. They would need to furnish an ID document, either a Permanant Account Number (PAN), or Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) or Corporate Identify Number (CIN).

The initiative is only available for Indian companies and so the PAN code is necessary to be submitted to establish Indian status of the company. They will be allowed to use the tool to get a free, easy-to-build website and web hosting for one year powered by HostGator. They will get a customized .in domain name and free tools, training and resources to succeed online.

WOW – Website for my PAN number , Not just PAN  but TAN and CIN number  great that should not be a problem.

But question here is, Is Google a government organization ? who would require such details, how can this be logically binding to what is in asking here, a few web pages for my business.

I will come back to this point once again… I promise the excitement is killing me 😉 


Lets say I gave all of that information to them and what will I get and how soon..?

Google Says: Only15 minutes is what Google is promising, 15 minutes is only it will take for the website from sitting down to being found online.

Really isn’t that super fast ? But how, it has to be pre designed template where name and logo is changed and sent back.    If not then it could be some static page website, having only basic contact and product information.

Google Says : Free .in domain …

Yeah that’s really something you would be looking forward to, for the records, do I need to tell you that  .com is considered as prime domain in the world. Whereas .in is more of an India centric domain and is comparatively less expensive that .com or other prime domains such as .net or Org etc….

They are not even offering domain for consumer websites.

Also keep in mind its only free for 1st year second year you don’t know how much it will cost , may be double of its real cost , since its Google who owns the .in domain you might end up paying for domain transfer charges and domain renewal cost at the end of first year, Because by that time your business cards would already be saying your website name and it wont be easier to get rid of it now.

And all that time you were thinking it is free…. Don’t worry this full of surprise and I will promise to un wrap them for you…. Later in this section.

Now let’s say you have a website and a domain name (again it needs to be of your choice and knowing Web services industry good domain name is hard to find and worth paying for) time for you to host it somewhere so that it can be online, google says Hostgator no wonder because of its prime support and ability to have website up and online most of the time, it can be good option , but again only for one year. Next year they say nominal price , what is nominal ..? I fail to understand.

It cost at least Rs 1000 to have a website maintained and running on webspace via hostgator , and google sharing a customer to them obvious mean little raise in pricing.

Anyway lets get back to First question …WHY Google is doing Such a philanthropic act to raise our industry and its presence to online domain.

Here is a Catch :-   A popular source  states

“Although the power behind Google’s cloud storage platform looks promising, it is important to remember that Google is also in the business of collecting personal information and selling it to advertisers,” wrote Christine Archer of Lewis PR who handles media relations for cloud-service provider MiMedia .


Now try to understand this from another angle:-

While India is home to an estimated 8 million small medium businesses, only about 5% have a website. This program is designed to bridge the information gap that exists online due to the lack of presence of local Indian businesses on the Internet. – Economics Times


Well that means Data for around 8 million SMB sector for sure, SMB is one sector which has immense potential to tap and generate revenue for big companies, with cloud in picture, google will definitely try to rope them into their other service. Such as  Adsense and Adword  because having a website doesn’t mean anything till time it will not reap you any benefits , some additional business , more clients and global presence. Google will promise to get all that deliver to you , certainly you will be end paying more to them at the end of the day. And all that while you were thinking it’s a free website 😉


Having information like PAN , TAN and CIN , google is actually jumping into your balance sheet, your likes and dislikes , where you spending your weekends, your business scope and in the end pretty much with their logic will be able to manufacture the services according to your need. They can also sell your details to advertisers without your consensus and ripe profit out of every bit of information they can extract from details, provided by you in the beginning.


Google is having ICICI Bank and hostgator as joint partner in this venture, ICICI bank is second largest private bank in indian market. All the details and data collected for SMB consumer base will be provided to ICICI for their target marketing and product publishing.


As I have said earlier nothing comes for free and Google for sure is not a fool to offer services and resource over a project until they don’t have any hidden agenda. So beware incase you are looking for any business or ecommerce website then have it done by some professional instead of any free trap.



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