Gauging the availability and security of your data on cloud computing

On 04 Nov 2012 by in Category Cloud Computing

There have been repetitive instance of non availability of CLOUD service especially in recent past, making it a bit more obvious to raise a concern over its availability and security in the mind of CLOUD users. However one should notice here that both security and availability are different and not related to each other, but somehow we ended up mixing the two. One must understand like every technology Cloud too has a downside to it making it no different.


As far as Cloud Security is concerned, its servcloud computing availability and security concernsice providers are taking strict measures to make sure Data is protected and backed up at all levels,  unfortunately there had been some uncontrolled instances  happened  over a period of time resulting a dent in the reputation of this computing platform.


Certainly Amazon has been a clear winner taking the credit of highest down time over past one year.

Entire web community seems to have taken a hit one way. However I am quite sure if we could look into the RCA for these outages, one would be able to relate better to the picture. I wonder why Amazon has not come up in public to defend themselves, being the oldest in the computing platform AWS certainly has a lot to offer, again suggestion would be to have some handy check points ready before opting for cloud Services from any of Service providers.


Points to remember;

-Is there a cloud redundancy available during the down time?

-What are the modes of communication use during the outages to reach out to customers?

-What is the standard SLA and UP, ask them share report for a Public, Private or Hybrid cloud.

– Ask to share the uptime report for past 12 months or so.

-Check for security compliance service provider is following ex:- SAS 70 type II, etc…

– Use clever methods to host your data and services to save money and time.


Remember a lot depends upon what kind of cloud service you have opted for example Private cloud, Public cloud or Hybrid Cloud. I have only heard about outages on Public cloud, considering it has more load then the rest it bound to tripped frequently than the rest. Stating that could be a pure assumption,  One should also look into the potential it has to offer back in terms of time, money  and scalability.


Cloud computing is a wise choice and perhaps the most sought after service in future, but one should where to go and how to look out for the best.


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