Exploring microsoft cloud windows server 2012 hyper- v

On 12 Nov 2012 by in Category Article

Microsoft with an aim to step into the world of cloud computing first by launching windows Azure which is their PaaS platform of cloud computing  and now Windows Server 2012 projected as their biggest deapeast and broader release till now, it aims to make Windows2012 as core of cloud OS.

Focusing on key components such as Scalability, High availability, High performance, Better resource allocation & Automation and Self service Microsoft is trying to cover every base this time with this aggressive release. More of GUI orientated its kind a disappointment for Command line Interface lovers however it does make the task of managing and operating the server more of clicks operated.

Today services are required to be spread and access across different servers and with Hyper-V scale no workload is off limit. MS2012 Supporting 64 virtual servers with 1TB of memory per server and ability to support 8000 VM’s per cluster is definite to leave a mark.

Earlier it was hard to divide and manage network between various VM’s  but now with  SDN ( software define networking )and hyper – V you can easily manage the network between the two customer VM’s , infact IP from the same Subnet can be given to these customer and this wont conflict different networks.

To make sure storing a data should never be problem and space should always be available to store tera bytes of data , techniques like ODX , storage pooling  using technology storage spaces is being used.  SAN attached Work load can also be virtualized. WS2012 supporting 320 logical processors , 4TB of memory per servers and hyper V supporting 4 TB of memory per VM the ability to support  virtual disk has been raised to 64 TB, which is 32 higher than any other CLOUD OS supporting Virtual memory.

Also with Storage Manager you can add new disk space or increase disk space without any downtime and that too by making few clicks on GUI.

You can also transfer the VM’s from one subnet to another using live migration not just single but multiple VM migrations are now possible, Microsoft claiming to support 120 VM at a time from one node to another to make sure there is no downtime involved and all this can done with prerequisite of a proper network connection between the nodes MS recommend 10Gig NIC, new server 2012 Nic Teaming and windows 2012 file server on SMB3 will make this transformation possible for you.

Not Just VM’s migration but it also offer the seamless sync between the logical servers built on azure platform.

For Automation and self service MS2012 using Power shell 2400 cmdlets, this to eliminate the manual tasks to perform any changes, to make it secure this is policy driven automation.  MS2012 Built in Standards based management and their world class service center is to help you manage your server via GUI Interface.

With MS2012 server cloud up , Microsoft is aiming it to become  Industry leading engine for cloud web, support all the types enterprise , Mid tier and small managed business.