Data Housing Service

Datahouse Services to fuel your marketing Campaigns.

Mantra behind any Successful Marketing is all about knowing about key details and one such aspect of a successful strategy is to be aware of relevant and Accurate Prospects.  We understand the importance of link building and being there at the right time, however having an access to right set of Data is something to make the difference. Being aware of key players for any prospects will only add a value to your direct marketing Campaigns.


DICEITWISE, Datahouse Services team works as an extension of your marketing search team thereby helping you in acquiring the key prospects, this is important for the growth of any Business as you convert them into your client.


Who all we Work For ?

We work for event Organizers and small business in the field of Oil and Gas and Information Technology sector. However we are specialized in OnG sector as we closely follows some of the top industry events like GASTECH, LNG 17, World Gas Conference, Gas and Oil Expo, KOGS, OSEA, LNG shipping, Global Petroleum Show ..etc

We have a dedicated team of researchers to follow and monitor such events.


Service we offer are as below:-

–  B2B list building

–  Database Validation

–  Database Enrichment



B2B List Building Service:-


It’s all about equipping our customer with right set of information which allows them to penetrate the targeted market at much higher rate.  Giving you an edge over your competitors, allowing you to pace your campaigns and reach before others.


Our data building team is here to help marketing managers and audience building managers to increase their campaign responsiveness and marketing value.

We have a dedicated team doing exhaustive research and cross validating the same with tested in house email tools to check the responsiveness of data. All this and more to ensure your marketing campaign will get high response rate.


At present we are servicing different sets  such as Information technology, Publishing, Event Organisers and Small businesses. We generate data with client specific needs as well as standard codes this is to optimize the utilization of data at internal level.




Database Validation:-


With Directed marketing campaign it is imperative to have your data checked and cross validate to reap high benefits in less time to increase the success rate.


The quality of your data depends upon the accuracy, completeness and authentication of stats this will be having a direct impact on the outcome of any Marketing campaign.

With ever changing market and contacts moving to one organization to another in short period, it has become a norm to have your data cross certified to make sure , time and efforts are not being wasted over a non existing prospects. Relying on a obsolete set of information is like counting days and waiting to be out run by your competitors.


DICEITWISE data validation service is to ensure your Data is always accurate and updated. We update your old records, our cleansing process is such that we eliminate the duplication of records and tag them with accurate results.  Get the complete power of your data by having the latest and accurate set of information integrated to reap the maximum result.

We do extensive Web and Online research and make sure Data remains updated.




Database Enrichment:-


How often does it happened that a single missing piece of information such as extension number/ Personal Number or  an additional email address causes a loss of in hand opportunity?


Having a matriculated Data will only enhance the ROI for your campaign, not just that it also makes the data comprehensive and manager friendly.

An increased conversion ratio is all we want , but lack of key information such as prospect title in his company can seriously dent your effort and chances of prospect getting converted into successful conversion.


DICEITWISE offers most convenient easy way to get that information appended to your Data in no time. Our team of dedicated researcher will find and update your data with fields like – Title, email address, Postal Address, contact number, fax numbers, website address, country , time zone.. etc.


Looking to have our service it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply fill the RFI form and our team will get back to you to answer your queries. You can also drop an email to us at for fast response.