Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony and its advantages

This is a new age revolutionary technical advancement in the field of telecom sector, by replacing the traditional on-premise telephony applications and hardware with software and programming code.

The traditional on-premise telephony applications setup typically consists of a PBX, IVR and lot of wires through MDF (Main Distribution Frame), this is now replaced with a software program, just like the one we are using to develop the web applications.

IVR application is the only visible computer application which provides software like function and computational capabilities.IVR could pick up an incoming call, play a greeting, and ask to dial extension number, transfer the call, if the transferred number did not pick up the call, asks the caller to record voice mail.

However with Cloud Telephony coming in the picture, such tasks will be achievable by simple programming coding at the back. One is required to subscribe a service with cloud telephony service provider and rest will be take care by a programmer making sure that concept will be delivered as it was through PBX setup.


Some of the key features are:-

–  No Hardware maintenance and setup cost at customer side such as PBX device.

–  Easy scalability to allow handling 10- 100 calls volume by rapid provisioning of ports.

–  No technical specialty is required while making adjustment and changes to functionality.

–  Resource pooling was done at provider side to make it more cost effective for its users.

–  Resource usage can be monitored, controlled, and reported providing transparency for both the provider & consumer.

–  No big setup cost is required in fact 1/10 of an actual expenditure will be made to activate this functionality.


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