CLOUD Menu at resturants and Cafe’s

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Another example of how cloud is helping business to grow and make life hassle free. This time Digital Menu Me producer of cloud based digital signage, announcing system wide installation of cloud based menu board. These menu boards will be centrally managed and will be updated instantly across all the locations. Users will have the capability of adding updates to their menu, they can do so, with dispatch and from one central location. This will allow for consistency in normal business operations and the needed ability to manage change in the menu and pricing without disruption and confusion to our customers.”
The digital menu boards are fully customizable with Facebook and Twitter. Best of all, the systems are inexpensive, with a $2,000 price tag, compared to the $4,000+ cost of other systems on the market today.

By utilizing servers hosted in the cloud, one of the major benefits of Digital Menu Me menu boards is the potential for a faster ad option rate than other digital menu boards. It allows for central management of all boards, thus increasing rollout speed and causing fewer support issues. Other boards rely on back-office servers or media players that attach to the internet. With Digital Menu Me, the digital menu boards can automatically pull in updates from the cloud or from the menu in the POS system whenever it is updated. This eliminates the hassle of reprogramming the menu boards and keeps merchants looking professional to their customers.

Digital Menu Me is revolutionizing the digital menu board industry and could be a vital asset to any merchant or restaurant owner. For more information, please visit Digital Menu Me at

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