Check list for Data Center Services

On 22 Feb 2012 by in Category Article

Here are some of the things you might want look out for, before signing the doted agreement.

We often target the brand name and then go by the market reputation of their services being offered.Which to an extent is a safer way to approach for short listing service provider, however there are other areas which you want to focus on.

Service availability:-  It is imperative to check this aforesaid, whether or not do they really have the SLA’s matching your requirement.  SLA is a very important and critical aspect of service, since it comprises of complete list of services which are being offered along with terms and condition. One should always take a close look into the dotted agreement.

Service Support: – It is advisable to have a service provider, who is having its own helpdesk / service desk to answer your technical support queries. In the need of an hour when your server is not reachable somebody else should be there onsite to fix the issues on hands.

Check for down time history :- If possible ask or check of total down time history in advance not sure how many would be able to share that detail with you but this would certainly have service provider on a back foot and they would think twice before making any false statements.

Check if they are ITIL complaint: –   ITIL comprise of industry best practice, which are there to minimize any impact to your business or services.  Being ITIL compliant you can be assured that they have some standardized process and procedures which they are following internally. Since it is standardized, it decreases the chance of human error and perception errors.

SAS or SOX compliance: – Check if the data center and services offered are SAS-70 type II, SOX complaint. This enhance the security perspective of services being offered, since data is very critical and is the most important aspect , such checks will help to have better control over the procedure of access to your own data.