Uhuru Software launching free trail to their PaaS

Uhuru software, Inc recently launching a completely free trial program to encourage Uhuru PaaS (running the beta refresh of our software) and they are looking for volunteers to kick the tires and provide them a feedback. Per Mike Director at Uhuru “every bug someone tells us about is music to my ears ” going with a positive attitude and reachable approach, they inviting companies to try their platform.

The Uhuru PaaS software allows you to deploy apps to web servers at the click of a button (or a few buttons, to be exact). Our trial PaaS supports applications written in Ruby, .NET, Java and node.js. You can get a quick overview of our PaaS on their Website.

A video showing how quickly someone can deploy a .NET app to Uhuru PaaS (in less than 6 minutes it turns out, including tool installs). They have even put some sample apps on our site to try deploying, so you don’t even have to worry about creating your own code and simply proceed with a testing phase

Team of www.DiceITWise.com would like to congratulate Uhuru for their development and approach…!!