Key Features of Helpdesk Software

Some of the Key aspects which one should keep in mind before going to finalize an IT Service Desk tool are :-



-Service support



-User friendly

-Business centric



This has been driving factors since everyone would like be more efficient and would also want a tool which would cost less and deliver more.  Cloud being a good option since it takes out you installation and maintenance cost for the tool, toping it with 24 into 7uptime and incase of any incident round the clock helpdesk to support and resolve the issues.

Having said all of the above, what really matter is how much is the budget that has been approved?

If that’s not a constraint then look out different options available and try to compare the features matching your requirement the best.




You are investing so much of your time and money into finalizing a tool, then would certainly not like to have one having all the feature , but isn’t reliable with increased load. Load could be of any type, from too many users accessing the same info, to tool crashing responding a complex query, tool getting into hung state while query is running or when data is replicating at the backend ( could be nightly or weekly replication varies from one organization or another).

Accuracy of data retrieved from a query, not many would get into this but this could very well be pain in neck, if there is data miss-match at the end of the quarter.  So reliability not just in performance but also in report which are being generated is imperative to for correct analysis of IT environment in any organizations.




This is one factor which would always be there and that to unexpectedly. Single Outage like a virus breakdown can fill your service desk queue with huge volume of tickets. Single router /switch outage connected to racks in your data center can lead to numerous auto generated alerts or user generated tickets.  Apart from that if you are a growing organization with increasing customer and helpdesk, then of course it would require having adequate means to support your client and your Service Desk ticketing tool would be one of it.  So one should always keep in mind that tool selected should have scalability as a core feature, it should be easier to migrate from one version to another, along with adding and controlling the users and rights assigned should not be a daunting task.  The structure and design at the back end should be such that it will fill your database with duplicate information.  Not that doing so would save you on critical space but also will keep the DB light, resulting less crashing or corrupt files.




Tool should be easily integrated with system present on hands, which could either be an already setup monitoring system or already developed internal web interface for raising tickets and requests internally etc..  This would certainly have critical impact on service delivery during transition. Also to have a well versed tool mean less trouble in auto assignment of tickets and easy streamlining of ticket routing.One must get into legacy system where the previously installed tool should be compatible to avoid any sort of complication in later stages.



User Friendly

A tool has to be user friendly and easy to operate as it would be users who will be using it often, thus decreasing the complexity be it creation, search of assignment of ticket, will only enhance the chance of easy acceptance of tool within the organizational culture.



Business Centric

One should always keep in cost and infrastructure required to implement any new technology into organizational structure, since any such change will only be bring long and short term effect to productivity.  A tool is required to be in line with the demand of the organization, along that should be cost effective and reliable enough to carry out functions for longer duration without any major updates.



Service and Support

This is an important aspect of short listing the final contender, since service and IT support for any tool would make a world of difference to its value. Though most of companies would tell you that there tool is so great that it would never go down, however the truth will remain that it’s the service and support which would make a great impact and impression to the mind set of users.  Look out for tools having 24 into 7 helpline, online support, chat support, self recovery system or it could be email support. Any of these features would help restore confidence in consumer mind.


We are sure if certain points will be taken into account before finalizing any tool, than it would be a great buy  for sure.