HP Data Protector omnibackup – Backup successful from same MA but restore getting failed.

Have you come across this scenario?

“HP Data Protector omnibackup – Backup successful from same MA but restore getting failed.”

You have installed omniback on a new client. And added its entry in etc/hosts file of your client machine and your cell manager as well. Entry is also updated in cellserver. Once all these are things are done you go to HPDP GUI and upgrade that client to its latest patches and also push the components( DA,MA,User interface) We all do this. Then you start a test backup and backup goes successful. But have you tried restore as well on the same client? Though it also has to be successful but restores failed and says that its not connecting to its Media agent.  


Here is the resolution.

When we take backup at that time disk agent reads data from the disk and provide it to its MA to write it on tape. But at the time of restore the MA provide the data to DA and DA put the data on the disk. So here the issue comes during restore as in its initial phase only DP is not able to make communication with its MA. So what we do ? Check which M.A its taking for restore. It can be possible that for different tapes it can go to different MA. All you have to do yo u need to update etc/host file also on all the Media Agents you have in your cell manager. And the same information in all client’s etc/host as well. Your restore will start.

On Media agent – etc/host – enter all the client name ex- ( asap27.symbol.com asap27) where asap27.symbol.com is the client name.

On client- etc/host- enter its MA ex- ( asap2.symbol.com asap2) where asap2.symbol.com is the Cell Manager name )