Difference between Cloud and Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines Vs Cloud Computing…

Though many of us having a perception that cloud computing is just another fancy name given to VM’s. In reality these two technologies are pole apart, when it comes to features and cost comparison. To understand this better, we should first try getting an understanding on what VM’s are and how do they work, in a layman language.

VMachines are Operating system installed on the logical partitions, these partitions are made on blade servers and a VM certified engineer would be required to design a Virtual machine according to specification provided. Once designed the configuration will remain same through the out the lifecycle until another Change is raised to make the alteration as demand increases.


There are certain limitation to VM environment, which is now over come through cloud computing. Such as time constraints, auto scalability, cloning, data storage, optimized utilization etc…One can see cloud as next level of VM services, however unlike Vm’s the flexibility to expand and choose has increased tremendously. Cloud gives you an edge as it incorporates the feature of pay as you go.


No Hardware no Maintenance , though VM’ s also not having any hardware cost involved,  yet customer bares the licensing cost , engineering cost for setting up one and maintenance cost to insure error free functioning. In the cloud customer gets the pick his own machine, Fact of matter they can even manage and expand the resources at will, scalability at an ease of a click and for certain services it is auto scalability features are just too good to be true.

Imagine now your Data base will never be running out of space, no data loss and its been backed up twice to ensure uptime and availability. Though all this and more is possible with sharing of resource , however what really matter is the production and cost effectiveness it is offering along with a peace of mind.