At $99.99 Nokia Lumia900 to shake iPhone/Samsung android market

On 27 Mar 2012 by in Category Article

Yes, You have heard it right Nokia Lumia 900 for $99.99. At&t Inc. is planning to selling Nokia Lumia this new age smart phone runs on Microsoft Corp. software and will be available on second largest U.S wireless carrier network At&T Inc. coming April 8. This will be giving tough competition to latest iPhone and newest handsets running google’s Android Software starting at $199.

This is looking as combine effort for technology giants Nokia who is looking to reignite their sales in U.S, where the 78% of market share is under the hold of Android makers such as Samsung Electronics Co. Microsoft on the other hand also wants to increase its share in mobile market, which is growing at faster pace, to help them expanding beyond stagnated Windows PC market.

This joint venture is expected to bring some stiff competition as Nokia Lumia 900 running on Windows has 4.3 inch screen, which is bigger in comparison to iphone , also has an 8 MP camera to lure camera frenzy market.  According to AT&T customer can start purchasing this online starting 30th March 2011.


Source :- Business report ,The chronicle with Bloomberg via