Apple, Google and Microsoft to bid for Kodak Patents

On 31 Jul 2012 by in Category Article

Reports are doing the rounds that Kodak is looking to sell it 1100 patents, famously known as KISS (Kodak Imaging Systems and Services) patent Portfolio, after winning the right to sell them in the bankruptcy court auction.  This will help Kodak to raise US$ 3billion approx, while bidder are seems to be forming a team.

On one side of bidder lobby Apple teaming up with Microsoft and Intellectual Venture Management  hope to form one bid against the other lobby of bidder where Google is teaming up with Samsung, LG HTC and RPX corp to make a single bid offer.

Apple, Google and Microsoft remain unavailable to further comment on this, however from the recent past its been  evident that Apple and Google is looking to have such patents under their belt to have a market edge.

This seems like an another cold war between the technology giants thanks to growing android and  iphone market.  Consumer’s interest towards the digital world and printing has increased tremendously, while mobility and option to have it all under single device has made phone’s a popular choice.

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